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Give Me 4 Days To Teach You My Challenge Champion™ Framework To Scale Your Community  

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  • What a challenge is and how powerful they are to grow your community.

  • How to use The Challenge Champion™ Playbook to launch your challenge.

  • How to serve your audience at scale.

  • Learn the power of building your own community without wasting time.

  • The simple framework to build a community that is scalable without frustration.

  • I put this program together for people who want to GROW a THRIVING COMMUNITY to SERVE their AUDIENCE at SCALE with an EXPERIENCED-Based funnel!

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    What do past challenge attendees have to say

    Hi, I'm Chris Colt,

    The Challenge Champion

    I’m here to raise the bar for building thriving communities for missions that matter.

    With more than 25 years of experience as a sales leader turned entrepreneur, I build thriving communities for mission-driven subject matter experts looking to create a scalable community while creating a recurring revenue stream.

    As a digital entrepreneur, community builder, content creator, husband, dad, endurance cycling junkie, avid fly fisher, skier, biohacker, and super-connector.

    I love guiding others to thrive in life!

    The athlete inside me knows that thriving comes from processes and systems, paired with skill development, as the code to success.

    And there is nothing more rewarding than seeing those I work with thrive in the communities they build.

    What clients have to say

  • Here’s what we’ll cover in the challenge:

    Mass Influence Required

    The most influential people in the world don't just happen to be great leaders. They subject themselves daily, and with intentionality develop their influence over time - learning from those who have gone before them how it is done properly

    In Day 1's session, we'll explore what "influence" is-both its definition and how to develop it for your own brand! You will learn about different ways you can build up your influence so that you will be intentional as you grow into mass appeal.

    Community Requires Clarity

    If you want to have people asking where they pay to join. Then make sure they know what your community offers and how it can help them achieve their goals!

    In Day 2's session, we will develop clear messaging that takes your community from good to great members. We have an innovative process that we will go through for creating personalized communities designed just for YOU!

    Scaling Your Community 

    Fostering a sense of community is one way to ensure your business thrives. You'll learn about the most effective structures for scaling communities and how you can foster this type of culture in order to reach your revenue goals!

    In Day 3's session, you will learn the most effective ways of structuring and growing a thriving micro business with scaling tips for those just starting out or looking at taking their business up another notch!

    Serve Your Audience At Scale With Challenges

    You have a captive audience, so make it worth their while! Nurture them and keep the engagement going by designing a successful. I’ll reveal how to craft the perfect tasks and what to avoid. So you build a community that delights your fans, employees, clients or any group you serve. 

    In Day 4's session, you will get a one-of-a-kind experience. By designing your challenge to take launch your community or offer. It's all about getting stronger relationships with your ideal client.

    You will leave this challenge with a FOCUSED launch strategy!


    We could easily charge $2,995 for this challenge.

    Besides all the interactive training & framework you will get:

    Pre-challenge group welcome calls starting the week of 9/19

    Access To Live Sessions For Open Q&A

    Lifetime Access To Recordings From Entire Week

    Challenge Launch Checklist

    Community Launch Checklist

    Community Ideal Member Interview Sheet

    Don't miss this unique experience!

    In fact, this challenge has a monetary value of thousands!

    This is the same knowledge brands pay me thousands of dollars to consult them on. But call me crazy; I've decided to offer it for a very limited time ....for

    $55 to the first 100 who join! 

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a challenge expert a bulletproof system to launch a challenge your audience will love and build a community to delight your fans, employees, clients, or any group you serve. 

    What are you waiting for? 

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    Guest Speakers

    Come learn from other community builders who have successfully implemented community for their missions.

      Stay Tuned

      Multiple Guest Will Stop By

      Historically, we have had various guest speakers on our challenges. This challenge will be heavily focused on what is being shared. There will be guests who show up throughout the week, however, this is going to be an action focused challenge.

    A bit more about me

    Replay Access

    Lifetimes Access To Recording

    Early Lock In On Q1 2023 Live Challenge

    BONUS Monthly Q&A Call

    Immediate Access + Early Access To Q1 2023 LIVE Challenge For $55









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